People’s Choice vinnarna 2013

Inatt gick galan People’s Choice Award igång och här listan av vinnarna i varje kategori

Favorite Network Tv Comedy: The Big Bang Theory

Favorite Cable Tv Comedy: Awkward

Favorite New Tv Comedy: The New Normal

Favorite Comedic Tv Actor: Chris Colfer (Glee)

Favorite Comedic Tv Actress: Lea Michele(Glee)

Favorite Newtwork Tv Drama: Grey’s Anatomy

Favorite New Tv Drama: Beauty and the Beast

Favorite: Cable Tv Drama: Leverange

Favorite Dramatic Tv Actor: Nathan Fillion(Castle)

Favorite Dramatic Tv Actress: Ellen Pompeo(Grey’s Anatomy)

Favorite Tv Crime Drama: Castle

Favorite SCI-FI/Fantasy Tv Show: Supernatural

Favorite Tv Fan Following: Supernatural‘s SPNFamily

Favorite Premium Cable Tv Show: True Blood

Favorite Competition Tv Show: The X Factor

Favorite Celebrity Judge: Demi Lovato(The X Factor)

Favorite Daytime Tv Host: Ellen DeGeneres

Favorite Late Night Talk Show Host: Jimmy Fallon

Favorite New Talk Show Host: Steve Harvey

Favorite Movie: The Hunger Games

Favorite Movie Actor: Robert Downey Jr

Favorite Movie Actress: Jennifer Lawrence

Favorite Movie Icon: Meryl Streep

Favorite Movie Action: The Hunger Games

Favorite Action Movie Star: Chris Hemsworth

Favorite Face of Heroism: Jennifer Lawrence(The Hunger Games)

Favorite Comedic Movie: Ted

Favorite Comedic Actor: Adam Sandler

Favorite Comedic Actress: Jennifer Aston

Favorite Dramtic Movie: The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Favorite Dramtic Movie Actor: Zach Efron

Favorite Dramtic Movie Actress: Emma Watson

Favorite Movie Franchise: The Hunger Games

Favorite Movie Superhero: Robert Downey JR(Iron Man)

Favorite On-Screen Chemistry: Jennifer/Josh/Liam(The Hunger Games)

Favorite Movie Fan Following: Twihards(Twilight)

Favorite Male Artist: Jason Mraz

Favorite Female Artist: Katy Perry

Favorite Pop Artist: Katy Perry

Favorite Hip-Hop Artist: Nicki Minaj

Favorite R&B Artist: Rihanna

Favorite Band: Maroon 5

Favorite Country Artist: Taylor Swift

Favorite Breakout Artist: The Wanted

Favorite Song: What Makes You Beautiful(One Direction)

Favorite Album: Upp All Night(One Direction)

Favorite Music Video: Part Of Me(Katy Perry)

Favorite Music Fan Following: KatyCats(Katy Perry)


Källa: tvline och peopleschoice


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